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   Qing Bi Tang For Allergy Season
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  Qing Bi Tang is one of the most commonly used herbal formulas for treating

sinusitis, rhinitis and sinus infection. It clears nasal obstruction caused by damp

heat: stuffy nose, yellow and sticky nasal discharge, sneezing, headache, itchy

nose and throat, decreased sense if smell and energy level, and fatigue. The

original source for this formula is Yan Fang(Time-Tested Formulas), of unknown

author and date.




Ge gen (Radix puerariae lobatae) 12g

Ma huang (Herba ephedrae) 6g

Sheng jiang (Rhizoma zingiberis recens) 3g

Yi yi ren (Semen coicis) 10g

Jie geng (Radix platycodonis) 9g

Xin yi hua (Flos magnolia) 8g

Shi gao (Gypsum fibrosum) 2g

Da huang (Radix et rhizome rhei) 3g

Chuan xiong (Rhizoma chuanxiong) 3g

Rou gui (Cortex cinnamomi) 5g

Bai shao (Radix paeoniae alba) 3g

Da zao (Fructus jujubae) 2g

Gan cao (Radix et rhizome glycyrrhizae) 2g


  Prepare ingredients as a warm decoction with meals to avoid possible digestive



  Qing Bi Tang specifically treats nasal obstruction caused by damp heat, with

the diagnostic symptom of yellow and sticky discharge. This syndrome may occur
secondary to an acute exterior attack or a chronic condition. If the nasal

obstruction is the result of an exterior condition, other symptoms of an exterior

attack may be present, such as sneezing, headache, aversion to cold and itching
of the nose and throat. If the nasal obstruction is chronic in nature, patients

may experience a decreased sense of smell, decreased energy level, fatigue, and
other allergy symptoms.


  Ge gen, ma huang and sheng jiang release exterior pathogens. Yi yi ren and jie

drain dampness and eliminate pus. Xin yi hua opens the nasal passages and

unblocks nasal obstruction. Shi gao and da huang, both cold in nature, clear heat
and reduce swelling. Chuan xiong activates blood circulation and relieves

headaches associated with nasal symptoms. Rou gui warms the body, dispels

cold and moderates the harsh and cold properties of shi gao and da huang. Bai

harmonizes ying(nutritive) and wei(defensive) level, and balances the acrid

and warm herbs in this formula. Da zao and gan cao harmonize the formula. If

there is headache, add bai zhi(Radix angelicae dahuricae). For sinus infection,

add huang qin(Radix scutellariae) and huang lian(Rhizoma coptidis).


  Qing Bi Tang and You Bi Tang are formulated based on the clinical experience of
past herbalists. These formulas have been refined after years of trial and error,

and are very effective for treating sinusitis and rhinitis characterized by damp

heat. The original sources of these two formulas are unavailable because they

have not been formally cited in any reference or textbook.


  There are three formulas that commonly treat various types of sinusitis and

rhinitis. Cang Er Zi San (Xanthium powder) is best for wind-heat condition

characterized by nasal obstruction with yellow discharge. Xin Yi San (Magnolia

Flower Powder) is most effective for wind-cold condition characterized by nasal

obstruction with clear, white discharge. Qing Bi Tang targets damp-heat

condition characterized by nasal obstruction with yellow, sticky nasal discharge

that has a foul smell.

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