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Cupping is a method of treating disease by causing local congestion.

A partial vacuum is created in jars, usually by means of heat, which are then applied to the skin,drawing up the underlying tissues and forming blood stasis.

In ancient time, animal horns were used, principally in draining postulated sores.

Later this method was utilized in treatingconsumptive and rheumatic disease.

For example, in the Tang Dynasty work, Necessities of a Frontier Official, cupping is prescribed for the treatment of a condition similar to pulmonary tuberculosis. Bamboo,ceramic,iron and brass ��cups�� were developed.

Today, cups made of glass or bamboo are by far the most common.

They are available in many sizes, and selected according to the skin surface and method of treatment.

Both the range of indications and the variety of instruments have grown since the beginning og the cultural revolution.

Cupping methods

Attach a cotton ball to a stick and dip it in alcohol. Ignite the cotton, and insert the burning cotton into  the mouth of the cup.

This will evacuate some of the air, causing a partial vacuum within the cup.

Withdraw the cotton stick and quickly place the mouth of the cup firmly against the skin at the desired location.

Suction should hold it in place. This is the most popular method of cupping.

Cupping  may also combined with the blood letting techniques, first letting blood, then cupping

This method is used in cases of injury to soft tissues, neurodermatitis, pruritis, neurasthenia, and gastrointestinal nervous dysfunction.

General indications

Arthritic pain , abdominal pain , stomach ache, indigestion
Headache, hypertention
Common cold
Low back pain
Painful menstruation
Eye red
Painful, poisonous  snake bite
Non ulcerated furuncle

Cupping is counter- indicated for high fever,convulsions or cramp,allergic skin conditions or ulcerated sores: over areas where the muscle is thin or the skin is not level because of bony angles and depressions: on the abdomen or lower back of pregnant women.

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