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  Fasting Program
Made so unbelievably simple


You are about to discover the virtues of Tahara.
If you have tried other diet programs without success, leave your discouraging memories at our door and experience a new beginning. We can give you a sense of renewed hope.

Tahara Cleansing Juice Diet Program creates a simplified pathway to reinvent yourself and embark on a path to a healthier and more youthful lifestyle.

Fasting is not difficult anymore.
With the 24/7 support of the Tahara program you’ll dazzled and amazed with the feeling of increased energy and improved mental clarity and focus that our exceptional, nutrient rich juice provides during the fasting process.

Now is the time to reverse a lifetime of unhealthy habits.
Say goodbye to feeling sluggish and tired.
Easily and rapidly lose 15 to 25 pounds.
Achieve mental clarity and a heightened sense of well being.

Benefits of the Tahara Detox Diet
1. 8% to 15% (average 10%) of body weight will be ost with INternal Ceansing!
2. Serious ailments and medical conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, snoring, asthma, and
    allergies can be minimized or eliminated through this program!
3. Food intake is reduced by producing early satietry with a prolonged feeling of fullness!
4. Mind, Body & Spirit revitalization and rejuvenation benifits continue even after finishing the program!

Dr. Kim's Major concepts about Detox Juice Fasting
1. Hunger Free : The Tahara formula satiates the brain with premium high quality glucose.
2. No Protein consumption aids the body's cleansing process : In the breakdown of dying and diseased cells, all essential substances are available while fasting for reuse within the body. These dead cells are utilized in a systematic manner. The body has a store of protein, and it uses it selectively, Dying cells are the first to be used.

Just a few of the fasting benefits

Proven by scientific research
Ageing Research at Harvard Medical School –sep 21, 2007’CELL’-
*24 hours fasting before a long flight aids in prevention of JET LAG
‘Mealtime clock’ can override circadian rhythm
-Dr. Clifford Saper of Harvard Medical, May 22, 2008-

How does Tahra Program Work?

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