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Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into energy points on the body and is the chief method used by asian medical practitioners in treating illness.

Recent research has established that acu-points are strategic conductors of electromagnetic signals

This means that when points along electromagnetic signals are delivered at a much greater rate than under normal pathological conditions.

These natural signals may start the flow of biochemicals and immune cells to specific sites in the body that are vulnerable to disease

Acupuncture performs certain functions in traditional Chinese medicine.

It regulates the flow of Qi through the channels and organs, remove blockages,strengthens the body`s protective Qi and lessens the virulence of excesses.

To be able to  use acupuncture effectively against the full panoply of illness it is capable of treating, one must understand the meaning of Qi ,channels, Organs and Excesses, how blockages manifest themselves,and how traditional Chinese medicine conceptualizes disease.

Using acupuncture without  understanding its philosophical and theoretical basis is like using anti-biotics with no knowledge of Western physiology,anatomy and pharmacology: the results will be unpredictable at best.


Electro-acupuncture is the use of electric stimulation through acupuncture needles to treat neurological disorders, severe pain, obesity and more.

This treatment enhances the therapeutic effect of acupuncture.

It is pain-free procedures with a small amount vibration placed in the affected area.

Electro- acupuncture has certain advantages over ordinary acupuncture.

First, it can substitute for the time-consuming hand manipulation,thereby freeing the doctor to treat other patients.

Second, the amount of stimulation can be more objectively measured and regulated by adjusting the current, amplitude and frequency.

Third, it can, if desired, produce a higher and more continuous level of stimulation than manual manipulation.

And finally, it is possible to apply the current through an electrode on the skin surface without the aid of a needle inserted subcutaneously, i.e.,

It can supplement or, to some degree, substitute for needle puncture.

Ear –acupuncture

A large of number of sites have identified on the ear which become spontaneously tender or otherwise react to the presence of disease or injury elsewhere in the body.

Stimulation of these ear points in turn exerts  certain therapeutic effects  on those parts of the body with which they are associated.

The range of indication in ear acupuncture is broad, the method is relatively simple and economical, and there are no side effects.

For these reason, ear acupuncture has become increasingly popular in abroad.

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