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Q & A
   What is YIn and Yang?
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Yin and Yang theory is based on the philpsophical construct of two polar elements, called Yin and Yang. These complementary opposites are neither forces nor material entities. Nor are they mythical concepts that trancend rationality. Rather, they are convenient lables used to describe how things function in relation to each other and to the universe. They are used to explain the continuous process of natural change... The character for Yin originally meant the shady side of a slope. It is associated with such qualities as cold, rest, responsiveness, decrease, satiation, tranquility, and quiescence. It is the end, completion, and realized fruition. The original meaning of Yang was sunny side of a slope. The term implies brightness and is part of one common Chinese expression for the sun. Yang is associated with qualities such as heat, stimulation, movement, activity, excitement, vigor, light, exteriority, upwardness, outwardness, and increase. it is arousal, beginning, and dynamic potential." Ref) Kaptchuk, Ted J. The Web That Has No Weaver:Understanding Chinese Medicine.
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