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Q & A
   How many treatments will patient need?
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The number of treatments depends on how long you have suffered from a particular illness. A standard treatment includes the following: Stage 1 involves 4-12 times over a two to four week period. (3 times a week or 2 times a week) If acupuncture and tui-na treatment will help you, then some improvement will be noticed during this time. If sysmptoms improve then we will start Stage 2 Stage 2 consists of 1 treatment every week. Stage 3 involves 1 treatment every other week or 1 month as maintenance This is only a general guideline for treatment: your personalized treatment may vary. Often patients get significantly better within the first few treatments. Some even stop treatments at this point and only continue with Herb Medicine and the recommended lifestyle changes. The more you can readjust your life to create conditions conductive to regaining and maintaining health, the faster and better you will heal.
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